How To Win On Slot Machines

how to win on slot machinesWhen you head to your nearest casino, the odds are good that you will hit the slot machines first. You know that you can put in a few coins, pull the arm and potentially walk away a winner. The one-armed bandit slot machine, also known as the classic slot machine, features one payline and three reels. You can bet the minimum or the maximum, and you only win if the reels form a specific line.

Fruit machines are popular machines in parts of Britain and feature hold buttons and buttons that let you earn a bonus for playing. Other popular types of slot machines include loyalty, video slot machines and progressive slots. With most slot machines, you enter your coins and place a bet before pressing a button or pulling an arm on the side. The machine pays out based on how the reels line up.

Make the Most from Online Slot Machines

best pokiesFrom the moment online gambling became popular, websites looked to add slot machines. Online slots are similar to classic slot machines, but these slots let you play from the comfort of your own home. If you have a tablet or a smartphone, you can even play the slots while on-the-go.

Once you play a few games online, you’ll find that these machines are much easier to use than the traditional machines. If you want to know how to win on slot machines, read on. After attaching a credit card or debit card to your account, you can purchase the number of bets you want to use. Simply decide how much you want to bet, choose a pay-out line and press a button. When you finish playing, you can cash out the amount remaining in your account. Many players also find that online slots have higher odds and better pay-outs than traditional machines do.

Before playing online, you want to look for the machines and websites that offer the highest pay-out percentages. Many websites will list the odds of different machines right on the home page, but you’ll also find other sites that list the highest paying slots across all sites. If all else fails, try playing a few times to get a feel for which slots you like the best.

Online Slot Machines with the Highest Chances to Win

hot ink gameHot Ink Slot features an adventure theme and comes with a bonus game and free spins. As the highest paying online slot, it has a pay-out percentage of 97.5%.


extreme heat slotExtreme Heat Slot shares the same pay-out percentage rate of 97.5% with Hot Ink Slot, but this retro game looks more like something available during the heyday of Las Vegas. Free spins and a bonus game are available with this five reel game.

alaska fishing slotThe pay-out percentage rate on Alaskan Fishing Slot is 96.63 percent, but the game features five reels, which gives you more than 240 different ways to win. Each time that you play, you have the chance to win a bonus when scatter or bonus symbols appear on the screen.

thunder struck slot Thunderstruck II has an ancient world theme and a 96.65 pay-out percentage. With five reels, the game lets you earn free spins or a bonus game, and you can also win 1,000 coins if all five Thunderstruck symbols appear on the screen.